Practically Perfect Wedding & Commitment Ceremonies: your guide to finding the right words

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Practically Perfect is filled with years of practical help for creating your own wedding ceremony. Fun brainstorming exercises, complete sample ceremonies, ceremony parts, poems, special readings and rituals.

Plus, tips from couples and ministers on writing, timing events, organizing the rehearsal, negotiating, and how to include the family, as well as personal insights, quotations and illustrative anecdotes.

Choose words & rituals that perfectly reflect your beliefs and lifestyle.
Clarify your vision and move ahead.

Practically Perfect
is an indispensable planning
tool to help you prepare for marriage, or honor your commitment, renew your vows or change agreements.

Inhale, deeply and slowly. Slowly exhale. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Doesn't that feel better? Can you feel yourself relaxing?

You arrive at the staging area, beautiful and polished, wide open and smiling. You may not remember how you got there. You may not be anywhere near your body. You may still be rushing around in your mind.  You have that "deer in the headlights" look in your eyes.  Breathe. Again. Again.

You have prepared a wonderful, heart-felt statement to read to your beloved. Three words into it, your eyes mist over. You are barely through the first sentence before your voice cracks and the tears flood your eyes. Go ahead, cry. It rarely lasts more than a few seconds. Cry. Breathe. Again. Again. We'll wait. Where would we go?

Practically Perfect Wedding and Commitment Ceremonies; your guide to finding the right words

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